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232 Macqurie Street History

A three level Edwardian style building with Victorian trimmings. Class distinction is obvious in the woodwork and fireplace detailing’s. Water was collected and stored in an underground tank which was located near the current kitchen. It was pumped up to the roof cisterns to give gravity feed. The pump was attached to the building in the courtyard. The staircase has one of its rungs upside down, as, when the building was built it was considered to be a sign of good luck.



Originally this site was occupied by the National School which opened in a bark slab hut in September 1858



The land was purchased by the Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) in April at a cost of 400 Pounds.



The present building was completed and opened with Banking Chambers downstairs and the Manager's residence upstairs, with servants’ quarters on the stairway landing.



The Banking Chambers and two rooms were leased to the Dubbo Lighting Company from February at a rental of 78 Pounds per year.



Occupied by RSL Club, with the Secretary manager living upstairs and the stairway flat rented out. The laundry was used as an office by the RSL Club President. At the time the large room at the back was added as a Billiard Room (you can still see the piers used to support the billiard table in the floor boards).



On 9 January the Macquarie Country Council occupied the premises totally as office space.



Taken over as temporary quarters for the Police Department. Again totally used for office space. This continued until 1965 when it was vacated by them and set aside for a museum.



 Dubbo Regional Museum opened on 12 October.



On 17 August Mrs Anna Samuels purchased the building. Mrs Samuel's is linked by marriage to Dubbo's first Mayor, James Samuels.



The building was purchased by Mick and Gloria Picton and renovated to become the Old Bank Restaurant and Bar.

Old Bank Rooms


Nestled in the main street of Dubbo, Old Bank Restaurant offers quality food in the charms of an 1870's heritage building. Boasting 6 dining areas you can overlook the main street from the Verandah, get social in the Front Room or hold an intimate function in the Boardroom. Whatever atmosphere you are looking for we have it.  

The Front Room

Dating back to 1876 this room was the Bank's main chamber. Over a century later this room still has orginal cedar windows and marble fireplace. Combine this with a high pressed metal ceiling and you will find this room definitely doesn't fade away with time.

The Billiard Room

Connecting to our Courtyard, the Billiard Room can easily cater for larger groups wishing to share a meal as well as smaller intimate gatherings. Originally used by the RSL to play Billiards you can still see the specially installed piers that supported the tables.

The Boardroom

Featuring an open fireplace this room is perfect for intimate group dining or small executive dinners. The Boardroom can also be hired out for small private functions.

The Courtyard

Our Courtyard celebrates al fresco dining offering both an open and sheltered area perfect for all weather conditions.

The Lounge Room

Perfect for a few drinks with friends or a coffee on our lounges. This room is a great location for a small social gathering.

The Verandah

Slow down and relax on our front Verandah as you overlook the main street of Dubbo. Enjoying this building from the outside allows you to experience the grandness of yesteryear with large pillars supporting the balcony above and a superb sandstone finish.

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